Growing your merchant portfolio

How to Grow Your Merchant Portfolio

Whether you’re building your merchant portfolio valuation before selling it for an influx of capital or increasing monthly residual revenue so you can expand your business, you need to focus on two things: closing deals and customer retention. Without the combination of the two, your business can stagnate while you only service current accounts or constantly chase new business to try to replace accounts that churn. The following 10 tips, divided between acquiring and retaining customers, can help you find the right balance that leads to merchant portfolio growth.

Omnichannel Solution

Why Omnichannel Solutions Are Important for Merchants

Challenges on all fronts are making omnichannel solutions a necessity for your business. You’re facing skyrocketing prices, forcing you to cut operational costs to the bone. Additionally, like most merchants, you are probably struggling with the labor shortage, while trying to keep up with evolving consumer demands. An omnichannel solution will help you ease all of these pain points.